From Inside Lighting – 5 Big Questions: LSI Industries’ Winning Streak Featured Image

From Inside Lighting – 5 Big Questions: LSI Industries’ Winning Streak

CINCINNATI, OHIO — Days after LSI Industries (Nasdaq: LYTS) published its most recent quarterly results revealing the company’s sixth consecutive quarter of double-digit percentage growth, caught up with LSI executives to learn more details behind the company’s impressive 18-month winning streak. Company revenues for the quarter ended September 30 were $127 million.

LSI executives who lead marketing, sales and engineering sat down with us to explain the innerworkings and consistent, recent growth of LSI’s two business segments, Lighting and Display Solutions:

  • Mike Prachar, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Pablo Leguina, Senior Vice President, Sales
  • Chris Papa, Senior Vice President, Engineering

Despite having a somewhat balanced revenue split between business segments, 53% Lighting and 47% Display Solutions, the company that was originally founded in 1976 as Lighting Systems Inc. has a culture that leads with lighting yet supports many of its regional and national account retail customers with uniquely customized signage and display solutions. In May 2021, LSI acquired JSI Store Fixtures for $90 million to help bolster its offerings of refrigerated and non-refrigerated merchandising displays for the grocery and convenience store market.

We caught up with the LSI executive team to discuss strategy, products and what the near-term future may look like as the company seeks to build upon the steady growth of its lighting and displays business.

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