LSI Industries Announces Receipt of Four Year Contract Extension with ChevronTexaco

Cincinnati, OH – October 31, 2019 – LSI Industries Inc., (NASDAQ:LYTS), a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of outdoor and indoor lighting and graphics for commercial, industrial and multi-site retail applications, announced that they have received a four year contract extension with ChevronTexaco. ChevronTexaco controls a branded network of nearly 8500 locations and LSI has been the primary provider of Image oriented graphic and lighting products and related services.

“We are very proud of our 30 year relationship with Chevron”, said LSI EVP Robin Hood. “We have grown in capability, experience and technology from the ‘iron sharpens iron’ opportunity provided by working with this outstanding organization.” LSI’s contract extension will allow the Company to continue to support one of the most recognized brands in the world with their needs for Graphics, Lighting and Program Implementation services.

Chevron’s brand is a key asset of the Company. It drives a statement of value, quality and consistency. LSI’s contribution to Chevron’s overall brand objectives are taken very seriously. As Robin Hood indicates, “We know that our execution of Chevron’s brand standards will have a direct impact on their market presence. Our deep understanding of their Image standards and material specifications, allows us to implement all elements in the program with a high level of accuracy. Our ability to do this with precision is the result of thirty years of experience in total brand asset management.”

LSI also has a long standing relationship with the independent gasoline marketer communities that serve as their joint customer base. Hood points out, “We value our interaction with this group of entrepreneurial organizations and work to assist them with the intricacies of their individual site orders. We make every effort to simplify the process as much as possible.”

Chevron program leader and LSI NSM Patrick White remarks, “Our experience in the Petroleum market, including the manufacture and rollout of ‘total brand image packages’, has made us a natural fit for petroleum, and retailers at large, looking to create greater impact with their brand environment programs.”

LSI’s goal is to help their customers achieve a boost in sales, brand profile and improved traffic. To achieve this, Hood concludes, “We work diligently to understand requirements and deliver on commitments—the basics that ‘sound simple, but are not always easy’.”

About ChevronTexaco

Chevron Corporation is an American multinational energy corporation. Headquartered in San Ramon, California, Chevron is active in more than 180 countries, and is one of the world’s largest oil companies. In 2018 it reported earnings of $159 billion. As of 2019, Chevron ranked eleventh in the Fortune 500 list of the top US closely held and public corporations and 28th on the Fortune Global 500 list of the top 500 corporations worldwide. Chevron is incorporated in California. For more information, visit (corporate)

About LSI Industries, Inc.

LSI Industries Inc. (NASDAQ:LYTS) is a U.S.-based manufacturer of lighting, graphics and technology solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications.  LSI is a leading solutions provider to several primary end-markets, including petroleum, automotive, quick serve restaurants, grocery, banking, retail, renovation, parking and warehousing.  LSI’s products are marketed throughout North America through a network of independent sales representatives and distributors, as well as through national accounts.  LSI partners with customers to provide a full range of design support, engineering, installation and project management services.  Headquartered in Blue Ash, Ohio, LSI currently employs over 1,200 employees and operates seven facilities throughout the United States. Learn more: