LSI Industries Launches AirLink Blue Wireless Bluetooth Mesh Network Solution for Outdoor Lighting Control Applications

Cincinnati, OH, July 6, 2020 – LSI Industries (NASDAQ: LYTS) said today that it has launched its new AirLink Blue wireless outdoor lighting control system. This simple, highly-configurable product uses Bluetooth mesh technology to manage designated zones of outdoor illumination on commercial property – helping customers enhance safety, reduce energy costs and comply with applicable regulations.

AirLink Blue is among the most turnkey, cost-effective lighting control solutions available for parking lots, gasoline station canopies and parking garage applications. It is compatible with many of LSI’s most popular outdoor lighting products and ships integrated into new luminaires, pre-commissioned to simplify installation and startup. This innovative lighting control solution is ideal for both new construction and renovation projects.

“AirLink Blue speaks volumes about our ongoing efforts to serve customers better than anyone else in our industry,” said Mike Prachar, Chief Marketing Officer of LSI Industries. “This innovative product was designed to be feature-rich and simple to deploy, yet remain among the most affordable outdoor lighting control solutions for its intended applications.”

The AirLink Blue system consists of three components: (1) a Bluetooth radio/sensor controller, (2) a timekeeper with an astronomical clock and (3) a configuration app for smartphones. Fixture modules (containing sensors and antennas) come factory-installed in each luminaire, and LSI pre-commissions the system with owner schedules prior to shipping. Following installation, configurations can be modified using AirLink Blue’s user-friendly, intuitive app.

AirLink Blue uses photocontrols and motion sensors to enhance property safety and security, reduce energy costs and comply with applicable energy regulations, including California’s Title 24. With AirLink Blue, property managers can group fixtures into zones that can be independently scheduled and managed. The product’s Bluetooth mesh technology is self-healing, ensuring that designated zones will remain operational, even if a fixture were to shut down.

AirLink Blue uses technology provided by Polish-American based Silvair. The system is compatible with LSI’s Mirada Medium, Mirada Large and Slice Medium area lights, Mirada wall fixtures, Scottsdale® Vertex and SCM canopy luminaires and Excursion parking garage fixtures. Complete details and specifications are available in the products section of the company’s website at

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