LSI Industries Launches Enhanced, Multi-Setting, Edge-Lit LED Panel

Cincinnati, OH, December 11, 2019 – LSI Industries (NASDAQ: LYTS) said today that the company has launched an enhanced version of its edge-lit LED panel.  The new luminaire features an innovative upgrade that enhances its versatility across numerous indoor applications, including schools, offices, hospitals and stores.

“Our enhanced, edge-lit LED panels fill a void in the marketplace,” said Mike Prachar, Chief Marketing Officer of LSI Industries.  “They give customers significant flexibility to customize, and optimize, the use of light in different areas throughout their facilities.”

LSI’s enhanced, edge-lit flat panel differentiates itself in the marketplace in a novel way.  While similar lights allow customers to adjust color temperature or wattage, LSI’s product gives them the ability to adjust both.  In addition, customers can select up to three different options for both color temperature and wattage, giving them a total of nine different light settings from a single fixture.  This gives facility managers, and others responsible for the property, significant flexibility to customize and enhance employee workspaces, increase safety and conserve energy.

Edge-lit panels, such as LSI’s enhanced LED product, differ from other light sources in that they produce light from the sides, not the back.  This makes them extremely thin and lightweight, which allows them to be mounted in a variety of applications.  LSI’s edge-lit LED panels are easy to install and available in multiple sizes, including 1×4, 2×2 and 2×4 feet.  Product specifications and data sheets are available in the products section of the company’s website at

About LSI Industries, Inc.

Headquartered in Blue Ash, Ohio (Greater Cincinnati), LSI Industries is a leading producer of lighting, graphics and technology solutions.  Its indoor and outdoor products and services are valued by architects, engineers, distributors and contractors for their quality, reliability and innovation.  The company’s products are used extensively in automotive dealerships, petroleum stations, quick service restaurants, grocery stores and pharmacies, retail establishments, sports complexes, parking lots and garages, and commercial and industrial buildings.  LSI has approximately 1,200 employees at seven manufacturing plants in the United States, including its corporate headquarters and international subsidiaries.  Additional information about LSI is available at