LSI Industries Launches New Optic for Outdoor Automotive Dealership Applications

Cincinnati, OH, October 16, 2020 – LSI Industries (NASDAQ: LYTS) said today that it has introduced a new, high-performance silicone optic for outdoor lighting applications at automotive dealerships.  In addition to LSI’s current family of silicone optics that are designed to focus light on front row displays, the new optic can be rotated 90 degrees on the fixture itself.  This gives dealerships the flexibility to direct precise illumination on vehicles located in the middle of their parking lots.  This innovation enhances outdoor vehicle displays, customer safety and the overall shopping experience.

“Along with the safety and security that lighting provides, proper illumination is critical for dealerships because it affects perceptions about various auto bodies, trim styles, wheels and interiors,” said Mike Prachar, Chief Marketing Officer of LSI Industries. “Our new high-performance optic enhances our automotive customers’ ability to showcase more inventory, across more locations, on their car lots.”

When configured with side shields and internal louvers to minimize glare, LSI’s new optic can also throw high levels of light on front row merchandise without having it spill across the property line – as often required by municipal codes.

LSI’s new automotive optic is compatible with several of the company’s most popular area light fixtures, including the Slice Medium (SLM), Mirada Medium (MRM), Mirada Large (MRL) and Mirada Post Top (MPH).  Each of these luminaires meet DLC and Buy American Act requirements, and can comply with California’s Title 24 energy conservation requirements.

In addition, each fixture delivers industry-leading photometry through the company’s molded silicone optical system.  The company’s silicone optics do not age or discolor with UV and temperature exposure, and they are significantly more impact resistant as compared to thermoplastics and glass.  Additional information about these fixtures, including product specifications and data sheets, is available in the products section of the company’s website at

 About LSI Industries, Inc.

Headquartered in Blue Ash, Ohio (Greater Cincinnati), LSI Industries is a leading producer of high-performance, American-made lighting solutions.  The Company’s strength in outdoor lighting applications creates opportunities for it to introduce additional solutions to its valued customers.  LSI’s indoor and outdoor products and services, including its digital and print graphics capabilities, are valued by architects, engineers, distributors and contractors for their quality, reliability and innovation.  The Company’s products are used extensively in automotive dealerships, petroleum stations, quick service restaurants, grocery stores and pharmacies, retail establishments, sports complexes, parking lots and garages, and commercial and industrial buildings.  LSI has approximately 1,200 employees at seven manufacturing plants in the United States, including its corporate headquarters.  Additional information about LSI is available at