LSI Industries Partners with Lutron to Implement the Next Generation of LED Luminaire Control

Lutron’s Integral Fixture Control Has Been Added to LSI Industries’ Low Profile Recessed Troffer

Cincinnati, OH, October 30, 2019 – LSI Industries Inc., (NASDAQ:LYTS), a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of outdoor and indoor lighting and graphics for commercial, industrial and multi-site retail applications, announced that it has partnered with Lutron to implement the next generation of LED luminaire control.

Now Lutron’s integral fixture control has been added to LSI Industries’ Low Profile Recessed LED Troffer (LPEC), using a sleek custom-made molded trim piece to seamlessly accommodate the Lutron sensor.  With the integration of Lutron’s control technology, LPEC now features new occupancy sensing and wireless control. LPEC also provides a daylight sensor to automatically adjust light output based on the amount of ambient daylight present. This feature offers LSI customers a simple, out-of-the-box way to achieve automatic daylight control. LSI’s LPEC communicates directly to Lutron’s Vive system through Lutron’s Clear Connect® RF wireless technology. Direct sensor communication simplifies the installation of LSI’s LPEC by eliminating control wiring and associated field labor costs.

“The Lutron partnership brings a new level of features to LSI’s products, allowing our customers to adopt the latest evolution in lighting controls,” said Richard Abernethy,LSI Industries’ Senior Director, Product Management. “The work that LSI Industries and Lutron are cooperatively engaged in is part of a new wave of integrated technologies that will

not only improve the quality of light output, but will increase the flexibility needed when designing building systems, simplify installation, and maximize productivity and building performance.”

“LSI Industries anticipates the release of additional new products in the coming months,”  Abernethy added. “We see a new realm of possibilities for our products as developments continue to be released with integrated technologies, such as LPEC, to increase overall performance and value for our customers.”

About LSI Industries, Inc.

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